Single Malt Whisky – Does Age Really Matter?

One question that comes up often approximately unmarried malt whisky is this one: does the age of the whisky rely? You will see whiskies which are 18-, 25- years vintage, and even older being offered and generally the older the whisky then the greater luxurious it’s far. But is it higher?

You may be sure approximately 2 things. Firstly – older whiskies are very uncommon and secondly they’re very costly. Take as an instance the blended Scotch whisky Johnnie Walker Blue Label, it has whiskies inside the combo which can be around 50 years vintage and could set you back round $three hundred. There are some wine online hong kong of motives for why older unmarried malt whiskies are greater luxurious. First of all – the longer a whisky matures in the all rightcask, the extra of it is misplaced evaporation. Most distilleries in Scotland lose round 2% of the volume. So 2% every year for, say 25 years is lots of whisky.

Then of direction you need to do not forget the time component. 25 years is a long term to wait till you bottle the product. Sometime the whisky will be matured in specific cask to influence the flavor. So all this time, persistence and expertise all provides to the price.

There are essentially two faculties of thought within the whisky enterprise – “age matters” and “no, age does not count”. Most of the larger whisky producers will marketplace a selected variety of manufacturers are numerous age factors – 10, 12, 15 and 18 years old, and will regularly provide those a specific name as well. For example there is a Bowmore 12-yr vintage called Enigma and a fifteen-yr vintage Glenfiddich known as Solera.

For example the Chivas Brothers whisky corporation are at the side of the fence that ‘age topics’. They marketplace their products mainly on this. Their tagline is: “Look for the number… A guarantee of age and fine”.

On the ‘age would not remember’ aspect of the fence is, for instance, Macallan. They have commenced to take away the age specification on a number of their younger unmarried malts and giving them names. Time will tell if this advertising concept will pay off. They say that they’re doing this to cater to distinctive profiles and tastes, instead of simply putting the single malts in an age bracket.

So to answer the query – does age be counted? The solution is truly yes, however best to do with rate. Does age make a whisky better? Only you can decide that query.

Older whiskies are virtually greater complex and have greater depth than their younger counterparts. This is to do with the evaporation technique (like in case you are cooking and also you maintain simmering a sauce – you’ll be left with a thicker and extra severe flavour). Also the more time the whisky spends within the cask then the more it draws within the flavours from the forged.

If you want sturdy tasting peaty whiskies, you then probable are not going to find this in a single malts.

In reality, a few older whiskies are better than their younger expressions. There are greater flavours and greater intensity to the taste. However some are genuinely no longer, having come to be nearly ‘too old’.