Real Estate Marketing Strategies – Law of Attraction Marketing in 5 Easy Steps

On the 12/1/08 Saturday Mr Antonis Loizou has given a lecture at Ayia Napa on behalf of the U.K. Alzheimer’s Society, which became attended via one hundred twenty particularly foreign residents in Cyprus. The challenge become the Real Estate Market in Cyprus. We offer a shortened model of the talk.

Real Estate Investment, be it a residence, land profits producing belongings or improvement, has been so far a “secure” funding in phrases of safety of capital. Since 1974 prices have been moving upwards at various quotes p.A. Upto the year 2001, prices moved upwards on average 7% – 10% p.A., however for the reason that Cyprus Stock change crash, investors hobby grew to become in the direction of real property. Cyprus’ inclusion to the E.Union, coupled with the maximum favourable tax machine in the E.U. And the Russia-Cyprus double taxation treaty, has triggered Cyprus to attract an increasing influx of European and Russian hobby, which has helped actual estate funding in Cyprus.

The lifting of regulations concerning belongings purchases by means of E.U. Companies and citizens, has widened the scope of actual property funding and now, it’s miles predicted that overseas buyers in Cyprus actual property contribute round CP700 mil. This is simply short of the largest forex earner, the Tourist Industry and its CP1.Two hundred invoice. P.A. And a long way beforehand from the 1/3 biggest overseas currency earner i.E. The offshore businesses contribution of round CP350 mil. P.A.

This keen overseas demand, coupled with the local interest in addition to the introduced taxation on real estate, including V.A.T. Of 15%, has prompted prices to move at a charge between the years 2002 – 2004 of around 15percentp.A., while the very latest years fees have shot up by using almost 20% p.A.

This is specifically so regarding constructing plots and land and greater recently towards agricultural land. With fees of improvement land being so luxurious and with the making plans laws permitting the development of a single residence just about everywhere, the general public’s interest has been diverted with an growing extent in the direction of agricultural land, where fees have shown increases in excess of 30% – 50% over the last yr alone.

This state of affairs of excessive improvement Australian real estate marketing land cost, converts now to round 40% of the whole improvement value of any residence/apartment, whereas multiple years ago, the land cost on a constructing income rate amounted to 20% – 22% only. This unhealthy scenario will get worse with the advent of VAT on building land from 1st August, 2008.

So, while it will cease and extra importantly are we heading for a actual property crash? I doubt it. Since to this point these enormous will increase in property prices, have been absorbed by the general public, be it, it has affected the charge of sale in particular for the much less competitive initiatives making in component, the marketplace, rather unpredictable and relatively uncertain.

To this poor picture one should bear additionally in thoughts that numerous high quality/balancing measures which might be now in hand. The lowering interest prices [as for 1.1.08 from 4.5% this rate it is reduced to 4.0%] and the longer compensation periods of loans which can be now supplied have helped.

The new Central Bank measures concerning very own contribution in shopping for or developing real estate which has expanded the unique contribution of 20% to 40% [for non own users – permanent residents] is predicted to affect the “via to allow” marketplace, on account that returns/fields in Cyprus are very low [around 4% p.A.] and it’s miles one of the lowest in the famous excursion home locations in Europe, while excessive fee of air tickets and so on. Makes letting not as easy as in different countries [some balance may be gained when low cost air fair airlines are in full operation in Cyprus].