Online Games With Voice Chat

Voice chat is a cool feature that enables players to communicate with one another through an online game. It’s like having a real-life friend in the game. With voice chat, you can swap strategies and information with other players. Many online games now include voice chat features. Some of these include Rune, Metroid Prime Hunters, and Discord.


If you like playing games with voice chat, you may want to set up your own Discord server. You can create a private or community server. You can add other Discord users and create your own channel name. You can also customize your settings for your channel. Then, you can invite people to join your server.

The company has raised over $400 million and is valued at $3.5 billion, according to Forbes. The company plans to make over $120 million in revenue this year, which gives it plenty of room to grow. However, it does have some issues, including a spotty reputation when it comes to moderation. However, executives say that they do not plan to sell user data or sell ads.


If you’ve been looking for a gaming app that lets you find teammates and communicate with them in voice chat, you’ve come to the right place. Rune is a startup from MIT that uses AI to make it easier to find teammates and play games. It also allows users to communicate with their teammates through voice chat, which makes winning games easier. The service works in the background of any game, so you can keep playing while chatting with your teammates. You can also use the voice chat feature in games like Brawl Stars, which supports team link support. Nevertheless, this is only an affiliate relationship of Rune.

The Rune app allows you to communicate with your teammates by setting up groups with people who have the same level of competitiveness as you. With a low latency chat, you can strategize and discuss tactics with your teammates at any time. It also allows you to share stickers with your teammates and even create teams with likeminded people. However, rune requires a phone number to register and use the voice chat feature.


Vivox Online Games With Voice Chat is a free service that allows players to connect with other players in real-time. It works in any game that supports voice chat. Users can share a link and click it to start chatting. Since the company was founded in 2005, Vivox has grown to 15 million registered users, who chat for over 2.5 billion minutes a month.

Vivox works with various game developers to integrate their voice chat services. They are integrating their services into the PC game Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight, which features a multiplayer mode. This integration will allow users to talk with other players in real time, and it is likely that other games will follow suit.

Metroid Prime Hunters

One of the most interesting features of Metroid Prime Hunters online is its built-in voice chat. You can communicate with your teammates in real time before and after games. You can also communicate with your opponents through VoIP. The game was originally scheduled to be released in October 2005, but was delayed due to backlash over the lack of online multiplayer. Originally developed by Retro Studios, the game was redeveloped by NST, slot demo a Redmond-based developer with a history of porting games from other platforms. This team worked with Retro to ensure that Hunters’ multiplayer component was true to the Prime series’ core style.

Metroid Prime Hunters is the first game in the Metroid series to include voice chat. It’s the first Metroid game to support voice chat via the system microphone. The game features impressive Prime-themed graphics, a haunting soundtrack, and 6 different bounty hunters.