How to Use User-Generated Content to

Boost Your Instagram Advertising


Instagram is a popular social media site that allows users to share and edit photos and videos. The platform also allows users to apply filters to each photo that they post. Some filters give photos a pink hue, while others convert them into black and white. In addition to photos, users can write captions in which they can include emojis, words, or hashtags. Using “@” before a friend’s username allows users to mention them in the caption. Using captions is not required, however, as users can always edit and delete them in the future.

Using instagram to grow a following

In order to grow a following on Instagram, you must be consistent. Make sure that your posts are relevant to your audience. Don’t repeat what you see from your competitors. People follow brands they like and trust. If you are selling makeup brushes, you can’t post the same makeup brushes as Sephora. Moreover, the audience of Sephora isn’t as loyal as the audience of smaller brands.

To grow your following on Instagram, you can use the “Suggested For You” section to find relevant accounts. The suggested accounts are displayed between posts in your feed, or you can access them from your profile. Don’t follow too many accounts at a time, however, as you want to maintain a proper follower-to-follow ratio. Otherwise, you will end up following people who’ll unfollow you in no time.

Using instagram as an advertising tool

For brands, Instagram is an excellent tool for marketing. Using user-generated content, or UGC, to post your marketing content can increase your conversion rate by 4.5%. Additionally, you can use UGC to increase engagement and your cost-per-click metrics. If you are unsure how to begin using UGC, here are a few tips. Listed below are three ways you can use UGC to boost your Instagram advertising campaigns.

First, use hashtags to increase interaction. Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags in a post or comment. Use fewer hashtags to get more quality responses. Using popular hashtags will generate likes from other users, but it won’t increase your following. Most likely, these likes come from people who saw your image but didn’t know the brand. If you want to know what hashtags your fans use the most, you can use Iconosquare’s hashtag search tool.

Using instagram as a discovery tool

One of the most effective ways to use Instagram as a discovery tool is to use tools that analyze and track the data from the app. Keyhole is a free trial that organizes all posts by hashtag, keyword, and account, and then provides real-time feedback. Other tools, such as SquareLovin, combine aggregate data and individual metrics of each post to provide at-a-glance information.

For example, beauty brands should leverage their fans and customers to promote new products. Research shows that 91% of consumers visit a brand’s website after following them on social media. Fashion brands should take advantage of the fact that a large part of shopper’s journey begins online, so they should focus on increasing brand awareness by featuring real people. For food brands, giveaways and holidays generate the most engagement.