How to Pick a Real Estate Agent

Buying or selling a home is one of the largest financial transactions most people will ever make. As such, it is crucial to find a real estate agent you trust and can work well with. Often, people select agents based on personal referrals from friends and family members. This is not a bad place to start, but it’s important to do some additional research to ensure you’re selecting the best agent for your needs. Here are a few things to look for:

Credentials. Whether you’re buying or selling, you’ll want to ensure the agent you hire has a valid real estate license. You should also look at their track record and reviews from previous clients. A good real estate agent will be able to communicate clearly and understand your goals. Find an agent who will take the time to answer your questions and will be honest with you. It’s not in your best interest for an agent to give you false expectations about a home or even your own.

Experience. Housing markets can vary drastically, and you’ll want to find an agent who has a solid background in your area. Look at their past sales and the types of properties they’ve sold. You should also ask potential agents how many homes they typically sell per year. This will give you an idea of their volume and how busy they might be. Also read


Ask about their marketing strategy. Find out how they plan to market your property, including whether they use open houses and virtual tours. This will give you a sense of their approach and how they may be able to differentiate your home from the competition.

You should also ask an agent how they would price your home. It’s crucial to have a realistic listing price that attracts buyers but does not leave you with an unnecessarily high asking price. A good agent will provide a detailed market analysis and explain how they came up with their price estimate.

Some real estate agents may charge a fee to work with you, and this is something to consider before making a decision. However, if an agent wants to lock you into a lengthy contract with no cancelation options or charge you a termination fee, this is a red flag. These agents might not be committed to their work and could fall out of favor with you as the transaction progresses. Must visit


During the interview process, it’s important to find an agent with whom you have a connection and who will be a good fit for your needs. Meeting multiple agents, going to open houses and conducting interviews will help you find the right match. If you’re willing to put in the effort, you’ll find an agent who will be a valuable partner during this significant and stressful transaction.