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Three startling glass related incidents befell among June and August of 2009 all in London inside a five mile radius and all concerning capability damage and even demise due to broken glass. The internal window of a Chinese eating place in Basildon inexplicably shattered, protecting dozens of diners, such as kids, with glass. Stunned city people cheated dying whilst fragments of a pane of glass fell 17 stories narrowly missing the ones on foot in Old Broad Street below. A man died after being injured by using shop the front glass after throwing a female via the window of a famous high street shop inside the West End.

The risk posed by using the glass in every of the times stated above become likely avoidable had authorities regulations been accompanied.

In 1992 Health, Safety and Welfare Regulation 14 came into pressure, requiring that “every window or different obvious or translucent surface in a wall, partition, door or gate should, in which vital for motives of health or safety, be of a safety material or be protected towards breakage of the obvious or translucent fabric; and be as it should be marked or comprise features to make it obvious.” This law applies to a huge variety of workplaces which include places of work, shops, schools, hospitals, motels and locations of amusement. Despite this, pronounced incidents of glass breakage are on the rise.

Ian Penfold, Chairman for the Applied Window Film Group, Glass and Glazing Federation, explains the dimensions of the problem: “The use of glass in offices, eating places and shops is at the growth as architects are trying to find to deliver natural environmental elements into the indoors of buildings by making the maximum of herbal daylight. This is usually finished through the use of larger glazed areas in facades  rose gold glasses frames and roofs and, in some instances, through entirely glazed facades wherein the glass is a structural element of the building.”

With the multiplied use of glass in our surroundings comes the elevated threat of damage to contributors of the public. Most humans are conscious that falling, flying or in any other case static broken glass can motive severe accidents. Yet they also think such incidents are rare and are usually as a result of vandalism, terrorism or twist of fate.

The effects of breakage get even greater excessive where the glass is hooked up overhead or in public areas consisting of in high-rise homes. Whatever the motive of breakage, safety from this danger may be elevated with the aid of the software of a Safety Window Film and in some instances an area retention system to the glass, stopping it from shattering in a risky manner.

Penfold concluded: “It’s doubtful what number of shops and places of work in our cities have taken steps to conform with Regulation 14, regardless of the clean pointers pointing out what must be accomplished. Business proprietors and landlords who don’t comply could face vast criminal results if their personnel, clients or even passers-by using are injured from damaged, falling or flying glass from their houses.”

Safety Window Film is a skinny coating of polyester movie retrospectively applied to the glass in situ. Films variety in thickness from a hundred to three hundred micron depending on the level of safety required and extra pertinently the area of the glazing. The movies are typically optically clear but are also to be had in Solar Control, Tinted and Obscure alternatives.

Richard Lancaster is the coping with director of Lustalux Ltd a corporation specialising in Window Films. Among the Lustalux portfolio are solutions to many styles of glazing problems such as Solar Control, Privacy, Safety, Security and Bomb Blast Mitigation. In addition to thes